HVAC Equipment Savings:
Savings are achieved when a cool roof reduces the peak cooling loads significicantly enough to reduce the air conditioning capacity needed to cool your residence or commercial space.

Extended Roof Lifetime:
Traditional black tar and rubber roofs that are found on most flat roofs throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area wear out and fail for many reasons, one reason is temperature degradation. Traditional black roofs can heat up to 180 degrees in the summer time, melting away your roof. Cool roofs drastically lower the temperature of your roof surface.

Environmentally Conscious
The products that Be Cool Roof Coatings use are the most environmentally friendly coating on the market. The products  are Energy Star rated, biodegradable, and have no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). The coating used reflects up to 88% of the sun’s heat and detrimental UV radiation off of your home or building helping to reduce interior temperatures and improve energy effictiveness of your HVAC systems. Cooling your building or home down will increase comfort for loved one’s, family, or employees at the office.

Why Be Cool?
No one in the city of Philadelphia cool coats like Be Cool Roof Coatings. All of our work is done by hand and very labor intensive. We offer affordable prices with hand crafted cool coatings that help homeowners and commercial owners to reduce energy bills and longevity of your existing roof.