It all starts with a phone call (610-998-5520) or by filling out our simple online contact form.

Free Estimates
We offer free estimates, and each estimate takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

  • While on your roof, we make precise measurements of the square footage of your roof and the areas that will be Cool Coated.
  • We take pictures of your roof as well as any problematic areas that need repair.
  • We encourage the homeowners to be home while we do the estimate so afterwards we can have a consultation with you and let you know what the job will cost you.

During our consultation we let you know what the benefits are, where we stand with our pricing, and why.  We want you to feel not only comfortable with choosing Be Cool Roof Coatings but excited as well that you are making the smart and right choice for you, your family, tenants or employees!

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