These Cool Roofs that Be Cool  installs practically pay for themselves over the ten to twelve year period, where a traditional black flat roof is making you lose money.  These services that we provide are what is calculated into our price.

How we Stack Up to Regular Roofers
Traditional roofers are at $5/sq.ft. and up.  Then in 3 to 7 years your roofer is back applying another layer of black asphalt emosion or tar roof costing you more money for them to install it, as well as the heavy additional burden of energy costs that we’ve just mentioned.

How many times have you wondered what your roofer has actually done up on your roof and the quality of their work?

What Does Be Cool Charge?
At Be Cool Roof Coatings, we take pride in our handcrafted Cool Coatings and encourage our customers to check and see for themsevles how Cool their roof is!

  • Our price includes all the services previously mentioned, but we also make any needed repairs where the flashing is worn out or any areas on your roof where water is getting into your building.
  • Also, if there is any water that is ponding on your roof and is not properly draining, we apply pond patching to those needed areas so you don’t have static water sitting on your roof adding additional weight and causing potential leaks to your home or commercial space.
  • We choose the highest quality product on the market for our customers to help you save on money and peace of mind in the long run.

Where Does Your Money Go?
Roofing in general is very labor intensive and dangerous.  All materials are brought up by hand on ladders.

  • In Philadelphia, your average row home is two to three stories high, so when we are Cool Coating your roof, we are 20 to 30 feet off the ground.
  • On top of this we also calculate insurance costs, traveling expenses, and other buseness related fees that it cost to run an effective buisness in the great city of Philadelphia.