With Be Cool Roof Coatings, we don’t like to be considered in the same genre as traditional “roofing”or to be considered as “roofers.”

The services that Be Cool provides property owners and home owners are innovative energy efficient, sustainable roofs. We use the highest grade of ‘elastomeric’ solar reflective coating on the market that is 5 star energy rated, biodegradeable, and has low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).  The coating when dry is a cool white, which reflects 80-90% of the suns damaging, hot UV rays back up into the atmosphere.  This coating literally makes your roof air temperature, cooling your occupancy dramatically.

By Cool Coating your roof you are literally helping to curb global warming. The temperature difference between a flat tar or rubber roof, or even a silver coated roof to a Cool Roof can be as high as 100 degree difference.

It Gets Hot Up There!  Let’s Cool it Down.
Many residents do not realize that the temperature of your traditional black roof, can reach up to 180 degrees.  This extremely hot temperature degrades your roof, which causes major problems on your roof creating a continual cycle of spending money to fix weak spots and holes in your roof.

  • The Cool Coating that we apply is typically done in one day and extends the life span of your existing roof by ten to twelve years, adding an additional two coats of protection to your roof by stopping the degradation of your roof by cooling the temperature dramatically and helping to prevent any potential water leakage that is a
  • Another major reason why Cool Coatings are the wave of the future and becoming the norm is the energy savings that Cool Roofs provide.

How Much Can I Save?
The annual savings per year for homeowners has been documented as high as 20% annually.  As you already know, air conditioning and HVAC usage can be very costly.

  • The ambient temperature of your roof directly affects the performance and efficiency of you HVAC system.
  • The hotter your roof the more energy: electricity it takes to cool your home or commercial space.
  • The hotter your roof the more your HVAC system is stressed and has to work overtime causing overheating of the HVAC on your roof to wear out faster.

Even if your home doesn’t have central air, the temperature of your roof is directly related to the temperature of your home or office.  By having a Cool Roof you can help reduce your monthly energy bills and at the same time reduce the already heavy overload of our Nation’s energy consumption!