It all starts with a phone call (610-998-5520) or by filling out our simple online contact form.

Free Estimates
We offer free estimates, and each estimate takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

  • While on your roof, we make precise measurements of the square footage of your roof and the areas that will be Cool Coated.
  • We take pictures of your roof as well as any problematic areas that need repair.
  • We encourage the homeowners to be home while we do the estimate so afterwards we can have a consultation with you and let you know what the job will cost you.

During our consultation we let you know what the benefits are, where we stand with our pricing, and why.  We want you to feel not only comfortable with choosing Be Cool Roof Coatings but excited as well that you are making the smart and right choice for you, your family, tenants or employees!

The Next Step – Starting a Job, and Our Deposit
Assuming you want Be Cool to Cool Coat your roof, we schedule a day with suitable weather and usually start the job early in the morning at a time that works for you.  Before we begin working we ask that you pay 40% of the cost as a deposit to cover our material cost.

  • We set up our ladders and hand scrub clean and wash your entire roof surface and anywhere we will be coating.
  • This provides a necessary clean surface to apply the coating.  Years of dirt, dust and chemicals are washed away from your traditional roof.
  • We then make any necessary repairs with patching cement and reinforcement fabric.
  • Then we apply two coats of the highest grade solar reflective ‘elastomeric,’ environmentally friendly cool coating on the market.

How Long Does it Take?
Depending on the square footage and weather, these Cool Coatings are usually done in a day.

  • Be Cool likes to take pictures for our website and for the homeowner after each Coating is completed.
  • We encourage our clients to see for themselves the incredible transformation of their roof!
  • After the coating is complete, you pay the balance of the job.

A Few Other Things
If you are satisfied with the work done by Be Cool Roof Coatings, we encourage our customers to tell as many friends, neighbors, family relatives or work associates about our Cool Coatings and the job we did!

  • For every new referral that become Be Cool clients, we would like to show our appreciation by offering a $25 gift card as a way to say thank you.
  • Just ask them to mention your name when they fill out our form or call us at 610-998-5520.

Help us help you and those you know Be Cool!